Continuous Professional Development Courses for Forest School

Feeling like you could brush up on your Forest School skills? Want to learn some new ideas, projects and methods of work? Join us for our Forest School continuous professional development courses.

Please check out our Forest School Training Dates page for course locations and costs. This year we’re offering the following courses;

Forest School Refresher Training Course

A refresher training course on-site for all things Forest School, covering;

Tools use



Shelter building


and any other requests!

This day is designed as an informal refresher for Forest School practitioners, its not a replacement for accredited Forest School training.


Fancy improving your Campfire Cooking Skills?

Adventures with Campfire Cooking

Want to go beyond the marshmallows? Join us for a day course exploring different cooking methods and inspiration for foods to cook. We’ll also cover essentials like fire management and successful wood choices, to enable you to improve your campfire cooking skills.